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Green profile

The construction will reach far into the sky but actually, it will have its roots far deeper into the ground. It is our vision to create an energy optimal building that, through 140m deep borehole drilling in the underground, will be self-sufficient in terms of heating, cooling, and consumption.
To make operation as sustainable as possible, geothermal energy was chosen, which is tapped from the Danish underground. The energy from the drilled holes will cover the need for heating and cooling in full.
Any surplus energy will be used to warm up the pool in the existing Charlottehaven.

Furthermore, the upper part of the roof terrace is covered with solar cells that will provide energy to distribute the heat in the building.
Therefore, the building will comply with all existing requirements for low energy housing (BR 10 – 8) – and future expectations to sustainable buildings.

The tower in numbers:

Areas of the lot: app. 500 m2
Lot size: 260 m2
The total floor area of the construction: Will be 3,151 m².
Height of the construction: 54 meter
Floors: 16
Hotel apartments: 37
Roof terraces: 2

See you in November 2019!

New tower hotel opening Nov 15

The construction of our new hotel tower is in full swing a few yards away on Hjørringgade 35. The construction will consist of two buildings of different heights – a five-floor town house with aspect in street alignment and a 16-floor tower construction, which is positioned away from the street. In total, the two integral buildings contain 37 hotel apartments.

The construction is clad with zinc, and the aspect will have a striking expression with bays and windows of different sizes. Both roof surfaces will have a roof terrace with a view of the city and the harbour.

The very slender tower will elegantly complete the block on Hjørringgade with a conspicuous high-quality building that may function as a landmark for the hub around Nordhavn Station.

The architects are Lundgaard & Tranberg who also designed Charlottehaven.