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Sustainable work culture

It's part of our DNA to promote healthy lifestyles. In our fitness center, we actually thrive on offering health-promoting initiatives. Now, we're doing it as a workplace too, and our vision is to create a healthier and more sustainable work culture.

In January 2024, we launched a health program for all employees aimed at motivating a healthier lifestyle. The program includes entitlement to one hour of training during work hours each week, as well as tailored training and diet programs.

At the beginning of the program, all employees undergo various health assessments, such as strength tests, body fat measurements, and blood pressure readings. These data form the basis for the tailored training programs and health-promoting measures.

The health package includes:

  • Tailored personal training programs
  • Personalized diet plans
  • One hour of training during work hours per week
  • Distribution of home workout bands
  • Additionally, two monthly training videos featuring 30-minute strength and mobility exercises
  • Weekly training sessions exclusively for employees
  • Quarterly follow-up measurements

At the end of 2024, a new round of measurements will be conducted to evaluate various health improvements. The goal is not only to achieve individual results but also to collectively strive to make Charlottehaven one of the healthiest workplaces in Denmark.

The health program is both an investment in individual well-being and an attempt to create a culture where health is a priority for everyone. We believe that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.